To the Oxford Sherlockians

I love you all so much it kind of hurts a bit. You guys rock my world. Two days ago I was seriously having to restrain myself from getting on a train and just getting the hell out of Oxford, after this evening I don’t want to leave… You all make me happy and feel loved and if my life was a quirky, coming-of-age comedy, you guys would probably make up the majority of the ‘good times’ montages.

You also laugh at my jokes, which is obviously nice, and I laugh at all yours. It makes me feel witty and sophisticated, even when they’re just dick jokes…

I can totally be myself around you guys, and every time I see you all I come home smiling this massive smile and get the sudden urge to make friendship bracelets and fill my scrapbooks with pictures of you all in little hearts.

I just thought you should know that you guys all make my life totally awesome. Totally. Awesome.